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Indian Journal of Archaeology

ISSN 2455-2798
Vol. 4/ No. 1/January 2019-April 2019 (peer reviewed e-journal)
Chief Editor: Vijay Kumar
Publisher: National Trust for Promotion of Knowledge, Lucknow
Mode of Publication: Online (e-Journal)
Title A note on Chariot Burials found at Sinauli district Baghpat U.P.

Author::Vijay Kumar

The article by Vijay Kumar gives the details of discoveries made by Sanjay Manjul, Arvin Manjul and their team during excavations at Sinauli district Baghpat U.P. He traces the time period of chariot burials to late OCP period and connects them to the horse riding, harpoon wielding warriors shown in the rock paintings of Chitrakoot. He also traces their continuation during the early historic period as depicted in sculptures of Bharhut and Sanchi.