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Vol. 2/ No. 4/ October-January 2018 (peer reviewed e-journal)
Editor: Vijay Kumar
Publisher: National Trust for Promotion of Knowledge, Lucknow
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October,2017Download Complete Issue
S.No.TitleAuthorPage No.Posted OnAbstract
1 EditorialChief EditorII27/03/2018
2 Archaeological Investigation around Karadigudda S.N. of the Malaprabha Valley, KarnatakaMohana R1-1827/03/2018
3 A Study of Megalithic Monuments in Murhu Block of Khunti District, JharkhandHimanshu Shekharand and P.P. Joglekar19-3627/03/2018
4 Subulia: A Late Chalcolithic Settlement in the Middle Mahanadi Valley, OdishaPradeep K. Behera and Sakir Hussain37-5327/03/2018
5 Archaeological Gazetteer of Aligarh & Hathras Districts with special reference to OCP & Other Proto-Historic Cultures of Indo-Gangetic PlainsVijay Kumar54-39427/03/2018
6 Art Heritage of Eran, District Sagar (Madhya Pradesh)Mohan Lal Chadhar395-46327/03/2018
7 A Collection of Punch-marked Coins from Shravasti, Uttar PradeshPrashant Srivastava and Pundarik Kumar464-51327/03/2018
8 The Art and Archaeology of Early Historic HarwanAbdul Rashid Lone514-52327/03/2018
9 An Coins of the Kings of Koch Bihār in Koch Bihar Palace MuseumShamoon Ahmad524-53127/03/2018
10 Narasimhapatana Trilingual InscriptionS.K. Acharya*, G.S. Khwaja** and M.V. R. Verma***532-53827/03/2018



July,2017Download Complete Issue
S.NoTitleAuthorPageNoPosted OnAbstract
1 EditorialChief EditorII07/12/2017
2 Investigation into the Microlithic Assemblages with Pebble-Cobble Tool Component below Tephra at Burla, Odisha, India.Pradeep K. Behera, Neena Thakur, M. Sudarshan, & B. Chatterjee1-2207/12/2017
3 Stone Tool Antiquities in Danta Stream, Bargarh, OdishaSudam Deep23-3507/12/2017
4 Archaeological remains in and Around Avati hillSonia Das, Ekta Gupta and M.B Rajani36-4707/12/2017
5 The Archaeological Gazetteer of District Maharajganj, U.P.Vijay Kumar & Krishnanand Tripathi48-32907/12/2017
6 Terracottas of Lucknow MuseumAmar Singh & Yashwant Singh Rathore330-52307/12/2017
7 Politics of Heritage: The state of Archaeology in Kashmir (1846-1947)Abdul Rashid Lone524-53107/12/2017
8 An Archaeological Study of the Ruined Structure at Sikandra, AgraM. K. Pundhir532-54007/12/2017

April,2017Download Complete Issue
S.NoTitleAuthorPageNoPosted OnAbstract
1 EditorialChief Editorii15/04/2017
2 Rock Paintings of Chitrakoot, Uttar Pradesh.Vijay Kumar1-110515/04/2017
3 Excavation at Eran: Study of PotteryU. V. Singh1106-120215/04/2017
4 Archaeological Investigations in the Suktel River, District-Bolangir and Subarnapur, Odisha: A Preliminary ReportSakir Hussain1203-120915/04/2017
5 Radio Carbon DatingB. Sekar1210-121415/04/2017
6 Archaeological Exploration in the Vicinity of Nalanda: - A Brief ReportG. K. Lama1215-122215/04/2017
7 Water Bodies of RajasthanKrishan Pal Singh Deora1223-122615/04/2017
8 A Bridge, Baoli and Tank on the Mughal Highway across Lower Doab - A Report of field SurveyS. Husam Haider1227-123215/04/2017

January,2017Download Complete Issue
S.NoTitleAuthorPageNoPosted OnAbstract
1 EditorialChief Editorii15/01/2017
2 Late Quaternary vegetation, climatic change and human occupation in the Central Ganga Plain as inferred by pollen evidence from Karela Jheel, Uttar PradeshM.S. Chauhan, Anil K. Pokharia, Yachana Bhandari & R.K. Srivastava1-2415/01/2017
3 Faunal Remains from Sampolia Khera (Masudpur I), HaryanaP.P. Joglekar, Ravindra N. Singh & C.A. Petrie25-6015/01/2017
4 Origin and Development of Residential structures in Gangetic Plain from Neolithic-Chalcolithic to Gupta PeriodPriyanka Chandra61-10615/01/2017
5 Head-gear and face ornaments of a horse from the Megalithic Burials of the Vidarbha Region of MaharashtraGajanan L. Katade107-12315/01/2017
6 A Traividya Sealing from Sanchankot, District Unnao, Uttar PradeshPrashant Srivastava124-12715/01/2017
7 Maḍaī Stone Slab Inscription of Gāṅgeyadeva, Kalacuri Year 781D. P. Dubey & Ashish K. Dubey128-13215/01/2017
8 Jaina Tīrthaṅkara Images (With special reference to Art, Iconography and UniquenessShanti Swaroop Sinha133-14515/01/2017
9 Jain temples of Deogarh, Lalitpur, U.P., Part-2Vijay Kumar146-95915/01/2017
10 Tomb of Sadiq Khan: A Study of Mughal Monument in Art Historical PerspectiveManu Jayas960-97615/01/2017
11 CHINI KA RAUZA: A Study in Mughal Architecture, Space Organization and Building TechnologyM. K. Pundhir977-99415/01/2017

October,2016Download Complete Issue
S.NoTitleAuthorPageNoPosted OnAbstract
1 EditorialChief Editorii15/10/2016
2 Further Excavations at Khanak-2015-16, Bhiwani, Haryana: An Indus Site in Tosham Hills R.N. Singh, A.K. Pandey, D.P. Singh, A. Ranjan, S. Chakradhari, A. Alam, B. Singh & M. Singh1-1615/10/2016
3 Faunal Remains from Excavations at SiyapurSimina Margareta Stanc, D. P. Tewari & Deepshikha Pandey17-4315/10/2016
4 A consideration of Vikuosa Nienu’s contribution to the archaeology of Northeast IndiaTiatoshi Jamir44-6515/10/2016
5 Introduction of millets in peripheral zone of Indus civilizationAnil Pokhariya66-7615/10/2016
6 Jaina Art of Deogarh and its Socio-Religious PotentialsM. N. P. Tiwari & Shanti Swaroop Sinha77-8715/10/2016
7 Jain temples of Deogarh, Lalitpur, U.P., Part-1Vijay Kumar88-82415/10/2016
8 An Archaeological study of Medieval Monuments at Ajmer, RajasthanM K.Pundhir825-83815/10/2016
9 Mughal Gardens in India: Symbolic or Climate ResponsiveAsif Ali839-84415/10/2016

July,2016Download Complete Issue
S.NoTitleAuthorPageNoPosted OnAbstract
1 EditorialChief Editorii15/07/2016
2 Exploration of Barood KheraS. Husam Haider1-1115/07/2016
3 Archeological Gazetteer of District Sitapur (Part-2)Vijay Kumar12-21515/07/2016
4 Excavations at AgiabirAshok Kumar Singh216-27215/07/2016
5 Excavations at Basadila TilatarVipula Dubey & Shitala Prasad Singh273-30315/07/2016
6 Kaimur InscriptionsSthanam Krishnamurthy & Sachin Kumar Tiwary304-31215/07/2016
7 Architecture of Temples at JageshwaraAjay Srivastava & Niharika313-32315/07/2016
8 Tomb of Salabat KhanM. K. Pundhir324-33115/07/2016
9 Virtual ArcheologyAsif Ali332-33715/07/2016

April,2016Download Complete Issue
S.NoTitleAuthorPageNoPosted OnAbstract
1 EditorialChief Editorii15/04/2016
2 Excavations at Hetapatti 2011, Exploration and analysisJ. N. Pal1-715/04/2016
3 Excavations at NaimisharanyaD. P. Tewari8-6415/04/2016
4 Searching footprints of Buddha: Archaeological Investigations at NalandaDr. G.K. Lama65-8115/04/2016
5 Coins of District Sitapur and BandaYashwant Singh Rathore82-11815/04/2016
6 Archeological Gazetteer of District Sitapur (Part-1)Vijay Kumar119-32915/04/2016
7 Temple remains from District ChitrakutRajendra Yadav330-34415/04/2016
8 Lal Mahal at Bari, RajasthanDr. M.K. Pundhir345-36015/04/2016
9 Lucknow Monuments, Problems & SolutionsRoshan Taqui361-37715/04/2016

January,2016Download Complete Issue
S.NoTitleAuthorPageNoPosted OnAbstract
1 EditorialChief Editorii15/01/2016
2 Copper Hoard Antiquities in Kailash Deep Shikhar Sangrahalaya MeerutSatish Jain1-2815/01/2016
3 Copper Hoard Antiquities in Shahjad Rai Research InstituteAmit Jain29-5915/01/2016
4 Coins from District Sitapur, Uttar PradeshPrashant Srivastva & Shamoon Ahmad60-8915/01/2016
5 New Kaliñjar InscriptionsVijay Kumar, Alok Ranjan & Krishna Murti90-9915/01/2016
6 Nilkaṇṭha Temple KāliñjaraVijay Kumar100-37215/01/2016
7 A Mosque in the fort of Ranthambhor, A Study in Lodi StructureDr. M.K. Pundhir373-38115/01/2016
8 A Mughal Bridge of Saharanpur DistrictDr. Husam Haider382-38915/01/2016