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Vol. 5/ No. 1/January 2020-April 2020 (peer reviewed e-journal)
Chief Editor: Vijay Kumar
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January,2020Download Complete Issue
S.No.TitleAuthorPage No.Posted OnAbstract
1 EditorialChief EditorII29/08/2020
2 An observation on the use of Chert and their distribution in prehistoric Sites of Tang River Valley in west Odisha, IndiaSudam Deep1-1629/08/2020
3 Comparing Economy of Bronze Age Erlitou district Yanshi, Henan, China & Harappa district Sahiwal, Punjab, Pakistan: An Archaeological ObservationQian Wang & Anil K. Pokharia17-4029/08/2020
4 Copper Hoard Weapons & Implements kept at State Museum LucknowAnand Kumar Singh41-11629/08/2020
5 Early Historic Culture of Sundar River Valley, OdishaKshyeera Sagara Rana & Dr. Nalinikanta Rana117-13129/08/2020
6 A Note on Early Historic Fortified Settlement of Jamsaragarh in Sundargarh District, OdishaSakir Hussain132-13529/08/2020
7 The All Embracing Indian Ethos: Reflections on Gupta ArtJ. Manuel & Rajendra Yadav136-16829/08/2020
8 Catalogue of Antiquities of State Museum, Lucknow: Part- II: Antiquities dateable from 3rd century B.C. to 9th-10th century A.D.Vijay Kumar169-121129/08/2020
9 Gol-Gumbaz Geometrics for Hemispherical Domes for any Number of EchoesK. V. Pramod, P. M. Munnoli & Prasanna, P. N.1212-121829/08/2020



October,2019Download Complete Issue
S.NoTitleAuthorPageNoPosted OnAbstract
1 EditorialChief EditorII31/05/2020
2 Study and Analysis of Tiran Petroglyphs, Isfahan Province, IranMasoomeh Taheri Dehkordi & Alamdar Alian1-1231/05/2020
3 Paintings of megalithic people near chandragiri fort in Tirumala Hill RegionT. Babji Reddy13-2031/05/2020
4 Understanding Rakhigarhi and Surroundings: An Archaeology of Hissar District, Haryana, IndiaAmit Ranjan & Ravindra Nath Singh21-6131/05/2020
5 Catalogue of Antiquities of State Archaeological Museum, Lucknow, U.P. India. Part- I: Jain (from Kankali Tila, Mathura & other places of Mathura), Bauddha (from Mathura) & Gandhar AntiquitiesVijay Kumar62-116731/05/2020
6 Ideas on Heroism in Medieval South India through EpigraphyChandni Bi1168-118031/05/2020
7 Two Visnu Sculptural Specimens from Daksin RadhaSomreeta Majumdar1181-118531/05/2020
8 Some Mughal monuments at Ajmer, Rajasthan: a study in Medieval ArchaeologyProf. M. K. Pundhir1186-120231/05/2020
9 A Unique Wooden Siva Temple in Varanasi: Example of Living Cultural Relations between India and NepalM.N.P Tiwari & Shanti Swaroop Sinha1203-127131/05/2020

July,2019Download Complete Issue
S.NoTitleAuthorPageNoPosted OnAbstract
1 EditorialChief EditorII29/11/2019
2 Tabarak Open-Air Site, Possible Evidence from the Early Paleolithic Period on the Dry River Bed of Atrak, Quchan Plain, IranAli Sadraei1-1129/11/2019
3 Recently Explored Prehistoric Rock Shelters of Bargarh Odisha, IndiaChudamani Rana & Subrata Kumar Acharya12-3129/11/2019
4 A Note on Animal Remains from Kanispur, District Baramulla Jammu and Kashmir, IndiaP. P. Joglekar and B. R. Mani32-4029/11/2019
5 Analysis of Microlithic Assemblages from Tentelpali Site, Bargarh Odisha, IndiaSudam Deep41-5729/11/2019
6 Copper Hoard Antiquities in Shahjad Rai Research Institute, Baraut district Baghpat U.P. India - Part: IIAmit Jain58-12829/11/2019
7 Documentation, examination and conservation processes of limestone Canopic jarShehata A. Abdelrahim, Khaled Elnagar & Abd El Rahman Mohamed129-13529/11/2019
8 Antiquities kept in Aman Singh's Palace, Kalinjar Fort, District Banda U.P. IndiaVijay Kumar136-143529/11/2019
9 Tomb of Sultan Parvez at Agra: a study in Medieval ArchaeologyProf. M. K. Pundhir1436-144729/11/2019

April,2019Download Complete Issue
S.NoTitleAuthorPageNoPosted OnAbstract
1 EditorialChief EditorII25/07/2019
2 A Review of the Researches on the Acheulian Culture in the Vindhyas, North-central IndiaJ.N. Pal1-1025/07/2019
3 Cupules found in the Excavated Site at Rithi Ranjana, Soaner Taluk, Nagpur, Maharashtra IndiaNikhildas. N11-1625/07/2019
4 Identification of previous conservation interventions on a painted Wooden Coffin kept in the Grand Egyptian Museum, Egypt belonging to late periodAhmed Abdrabou*, Mohamed Moustafa*, Gilan Mahmoud*, Mohamed Abdeldayem*, Medhat Abdallah** and Hussein M. Kamal***17-2825/07/2019
5 Circular Fortified Settlements in the Middle Mahanadi Valley of Odisha: A Preliminary ObservationSakir Hussain29-3625/07/2019
6 Terracottas & Sculptures kept in Buddha Museum Gorakhpur U.P. IndiaChandra Sen Gautam37-26425/07/2019
7 Temple of Jarai Math, Barwa Sagar district Jhansi U.P. IndiaVijay Kumar265-57525/07/2019
8 Some Minor Images of Narasimha: Their Interpretation in Textual ContextT.J. Alone576-58625/07/2019
9 Rising Towers in Wood: The Architecture of Khanqah-i-Maula shrine, KashmirFarhat Yasmeen & Abdul Rashid Lone587-59925/07/2019

January,2019Download Complete Issue
S.NoTitleAuthorPageNoPosted OnAbstract
1 EditorialChief EditorII02/03/2019
2 Recent Prehistoric explorations in the Manjira river valley of the Telangana State, India.M. Ganesh1-802/03/2019
3 Report on Ceramic Assemblages of Ganeshwar, Sikar, RajasthanRavindra N. Singh, A. K. Pandey, D. P. Singh, & Aftab Alam9-8502/03/2019
4 International Ram Katha Sangrahalaya and Art Gallery, Ayodhya U.P.Vijay Kumar86- 27302/03/2019
5 Study of Sculptures on Kardameśvara Temple of VaranasiProf. Maruti Nandan Prasad Tiwari274-32202/03/2019
6 Diddā of Kashmir and the Legend Di-Kshemagupta on CoinsPrashant Srivastava and Pratichi Srivastava323-33102/03/2019
7 Terracottas kept in Buddha Museum GorakhpurChandra Sen Gautam332-44702/03/2019
8 Waterworks at Jaigarh Fort: An Archaeological Study of Hydraulic TechnologyDr. Vinod Kumar Singh448-47502/03/2019
9 A Preliminary Observation on Living Megalithic Tradition Found Among the Munda Community, Bonaigarh Subdivision, District- Sundergarh OdishaSubodha Mendaly476-48902/03/2019

October,2018Download Complete Issue
S.NoTitleAuthorPageNoPosted OnAbstract
1 EditorialChief EditorII07/12/2018
2 Archaeological Gazetteer of Kannauj CityVijay Kumar1-155107/12/2018
3 The Coin hoard from Imaliya Sultanpur district SitapurSaurabh Kashyap, Pundareek Kumar, Shyam Prakash @ Munuwa Seth & Chandrika Prasad Rastogi @ Palu1552-183307/12/2018
4 Newly discovered Inscriptions of KannaujDr. Alok Ranjan1834- 187007/12/2018
5 Ancient Hindu Temple Architecture of South Kashmir from 7th Century A.D to 13th century A.D.Arif Ahmad Dar & Dr. Sandeep Kumar Pandey1871-188507/12/2018
6 An Image of Kūrmāvatāra from Naresar, District Morena, M.P.Rajendra Yadav1886-189507/12/2018
7 Commonality of Bharatiya Tradition and Art –with reference to the Story of Śibī and MegharathaDr. Shanti Swaroop Sinha1896-190207/12/2018
8 Women’s World in the Chola Period’s Through EpigraphyDr. S. Chandni Bi1903-191307/12/2018
9 Jama Masjid at Agra: A Concept of Medieval ArchaeologyProf. M. K. Pundhir1914-193407/12/2018

July,2018Download Complete Issue
S.NoTitleAuthorPageNoPosted OnAbstract
1 EditorialChief EditorII18/10/2018
2 The rise and fall of vegetation during the Quaternary: Palynological record from coastal sediments, IndiaAnjum Farooqui1-1918/10/2018
3 Harappan Settlement Pattern on the Desert Margin with Special Reference to Hanumangarh DistrictDr. Vikas Pawar, Dr. R.N. Singh & Dr. Cameron Petrie20-3018/10/2018
4 A Preliminary Petrological Analysis on Cist Burial Site at Anuradhapura District of Sri LankaDhanushka Kumara Jayaratne31-3918/10/2018
5 History of KannaujVijay Kumar40-49218/10/2018
6 Newly discovered inscriptions in Bihar and Madhya PradeshDr. Alok Ranjan493-50418/10/2018
7 Coins of KannaujDeepak Kumar & Raghvendra Singh505-77618/10/2018
8 Sher Shah Tomb, Sasaram: The Greatest Tomb of Sixteenth CenturyAr. Mazharul Haque, Prof. Manoj Kumar & Dr. Kamini Sinha777-78618/10/2018
9 A Historical Archaeology Approach to the Study of the English East India Company’s 17th Century Malabar FactoriesPaul M Mason787-80718/10/2018

April,2018Download Complete Issue
S.NoTitleAuthorPageNoPosted OnAbstract
1 EditorialChief EditorII09/07/2018
2 Quaternary vegetation, climate, farming and human habitation in the Ganga plain, based on pollen and macro-botanical remains from lakes and archaeological sitesMohan Singh Chauhan, Anil K. Pokharia and Yachana Bhandari1-6509/07/2018
3 Lithic Assemblages from Lanth River Basin, Bolangir, Odisha: A Preliminary ReportDr. Sudam Deep66-7709/07/2018
4 Stone Drill bits from Kanmer, Gujarat-A unique Harappan Site in KachchhDr. Rajesh Kumar Meena78-8409/07/2018
5 Antiquities of Government Archaeological Museum Kannauj, Uttar Pradesh, Part- IIVijay Kumar85-67609/07/2018
6 Concept of Saraswati in Jain Tradition and ArtDr. Maruti Nandan Pd. Tiwari and Dr. Shanti Swaroop Sinha677-70009/07/2018
7 Jama Masjid at Badaun: An Archaeological StudyAshok Kumar701-71709/07/2018
8 Exploring the Medieval Archaeology: A Study of Tomb of Shahpeer at Meerut, U.P.M. K. Pundhir718-72809/07/2018
9 A Note on the Origins of BundelasD. P. Dubey729-73409/07/2018
10 A note on Chariot Burials found at Sinauli district Baghpat U.P.Vijay Kumar735-75509/07/2018

January,2018Download Complete Issue
S.NoTitleAuthorPageNoPosted OnAbstract
1 EditorialChief EditorII29/05/2018
2 The Rock-Shelters of Likhichhaj: An AnalysisSujata Gautam1-1229/05/2018
3 Honnenahalli: A Note on a Recently Discovered Cupule site in South KarnatakaAkash Srinivas13-1529/05/2018
4 Archaeological Landscape at Ihala Kalawellā Ulpatha and its vicinity in Anuradhapura District of Sri LankaDhanushka Kumara Jayaratne16-5129/05/2018
5 Stone beads production in Khambhat, Gujarat: An Ethno-archaeological StudyRajesh Kumar Meena52-6329/05/2018
6 Antiquities Of Government Archaeological Museum Kannauj, Uttar Pradesh Part- IVijay Kumar64-70429/05/2018
7 Ancient Literature of North Indian ArchitectureAmar Singh705-71929/05/2018
8 Back to Kannauj – After One Thousand Years in Diaspora: The Rromani Millenium In 2018Marcel Courthiade720-77929/05/2018
9 Ghaziuddin Khan Complex: A Remarkable Monument in the Development of Late Mughal ArchitectureAsif Ali & Mohammad Saquib780-78929/05/2018

October,2017Download Complete Issue
S.NoTitleAuthorPageNoPosted OnAbstract
1 EditorialChief EditorII27/03/2018
2 Archaeological Investigation around Karadigudda S.N. of the Malaprabha Valley, KarnatakaMohana R1-1827/03/2018
3 A Study of Megalithic Monuments in Murhu Block of Khunti District, JharkhandHimanshu Shekharand and P.P. Joglekar19-3627/03/2018
4 Subulia: A Late Chalcolithic Settlement in the Middle Mahanadi Valley, OdishaPradeep K. Behera and Sakir Hussain37-5327/03/2018
5 Archaeological Gazetteer of Aligarh & Hathras Districts with special reference to OCP & Other Proto-Historic Cultures of Indo-Gangetic PlainsVijay Kumar54-39427/03/2018
6 Art Heritage of Eran, District Sagar (Madhya Pradesh)Mohan Lal Chadhar395-46327/03/2018
7 A Collection of Punch-marked Coins from Shravasti, Uttar PradeshPrashant Srivastava and Pundarik Kumar464-51327/03/2018
8 The Art and Archaeology of Early Historic HarwanAbdul Rashid Lone514-52327/03/2018
9 An Coins of the Kings of Koch Bihār in Koch Bihar Palace MuseumShamoon Ahmad524-53127/03/2018
10 Narasimhapatana Trilingual InscriptionS.K. Acharya*, G.S. Khwaja** and M.V. R. Verma***532-53827/03/2018

July,2017Download Complete Issue
S.NoTitleAuthorPageNoPosted OnAbstract
1 EditorialChief EditorII07/12/2017
2 Investigation into the Microlithic Assemblages with Pebble-Cobble Tool Component below Tephra at Burla, Odisha, India.Pradeep K. Behera, Neena Thakur, M. Sudarshan, & B. Chatterjee1-2207/12/2017
3 Stone Tool Antiquities in Danta Stream, Bargarh, OdishaSudam Deep23-3507/12/2017
4 Archaeological remains in and Around Avati hillSonia Das, Ekta Gupta and M.B Rajani36-4707/12/2017
5 The Archaeological Gazetteer of District Maharajganj, U.P.Vijay Kumar & Krishnanand Tripathi48-32907/12/2017
6 Terracottas of Lucknow MuseumAmar Singh & Yashwant Singh Rathore330-52307/12/2017
7 Politics of Heritage: The state of Archaeology in Kashmir (1846-1947)Abdul Rashid Lone524-53107/12/2017
8 An Archaeological Study of the Ruined Structure at Sikandra, AgraM. K. Pundhir532-54007/12/2017