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Indian Journal of Archaeology

ISSN 2455-2798
Vol. 5/ No. 2/ April 2020-July 2020 (peer reviewed e-journal)
Chief Editor: Vijay Kumar
Publisher: National Trust for Promotion of Knowledge, Lucknow
Mode of Publication: Online (e-Journal)
Title Antiquities kept in Aman Singh's Palace, Kalinjar Fort, District Banda U.P. India

Author::Vijay Kumar

This article by Vijay Kumar documents the antiquities housed in Aman Singh Palace, Kalinjar district Banda U.P. India. These antiquities were brought from different places of the fort at different times. The statistical analyses of the material gives clear cut idea about the religious importance of different spots of the fort. Using this data we can recreate the history of the construction of temples during different periods. This analysis also gives the idea about popularity of different deities during different periods in Kalinjar. In short, it gives the changing religious landscape of Kalinjar which was a strategic military fort as well as very important religious center.